What should one keep in mind while selecting vendor for printing for business needs?

Printing is one of the critical inputs needed for business promotion. A business needs a wide variety of print collaterals and promotional material such as business cards, brochures, handouts,paper inserts, posters, product catalogues, etc. Two important things that must be kept in mind while selecting a vendor for printing for such business needs are: quality and price. Usually these are directly proportional. Given one’s company’s (or brand’s) image positioning and target market, one must determine a minimum acceptable printing and production quality standard, and must never compromise on it. Once this standard is set, one must look for vendors that can deliver up to this standard in the minimum price. Going for low price printing without caring for quality can be highly detrimental for your image.

On what factors does the price of Screen printing depend?
Price of Screen printing usually depends on two Qs: quality and quantity. Higher the quality, higher the price of printing and on the other hand, higher the print quantity, lower the unit price of printing. Besides these, quality and thickness of paper, no. of colours to be printed and post printing processes (lamination, coating, binding, die cut, spot UV, etc) also have implication on price of printing.

What are Printing Services Companies? How do they compare with Printers?
Printing Services Companies are companies that provide a market linkage between the clients and printers. The value they add to printers is that the printing input is validated in terms of tech-specs that they generate high volume business for them. The critical value addition done by Printing Services Companies to clients is through specific solution for the latter’s print need and high level of service. Printing Services Companies are not loyal to a printing process or a technology, their loyalty lies with the client and they are able to give the best solution to the clients.

What should be kept in mind while printing restaurant menu cards?
Restaurant menu cards have certain typicalities… they are needed in small quantities, should ideally be water resistant and need to be updated/revised fairly regularly. Given all this restaurant menu cards need to be approached differently for print and production.

How is Business Card printing done?
Business Card printing was traditionally done in silk screen process. Screen printing is a manual process and allows printing of small quantities and on special papers using special inks. Screen is still popular for Business Card printing, though of late digital printing has become very popular.

What sizes are popular for printing posters?
Size for printing Posters, as for printing of most items, is determined by machine sizes. Standard sizes of offset printing machines determine the standard paper sizes on which they print. Some of these universal sizes are: 23”x36”, 20”x30”, 22”x28”, 19”x25” and 26”x40”. Standard print sizes are usually (slightly smaller than) fractions of these sizes: ½, ¼, etc. Some common sizes used for printing of posters are: 17”x23”, 14”x19”.

What are various types of Calendar printing?
Calendars are wall hung, table-top or pocket calendars. Calendar printing is usually done on offset machines, and then a variety of special binding options are available to finish them. These include comb binding, spiral binding, ring binding, etc.

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